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Please see the regisration page here for an update on the 2020 track season

St. Raymond’s CYO track is a parish based program, that accepts all children with the parish community of East Rockaway and Lynbrook. The purpose of the program is to bring children together from a variety of schools, in a program that teaches cooperation, fair play and good sportsmanship, in a competitive arena.

The kids are not only taught the proper techniques of running, but also to handle a win and a lose.

We strive to improve their athletic preformance, and to make sure that your child feels good about themself and what they have learned.

We are a competitive track program that offers instruction and training for runners of all levels and abilities.

St Raymond's is committed to promoting the sport of running, because of its potential to help individuals achieve excellence, not just in sports, but in life.

We have TWO ( 2 ) teams (a girls team and a boys team).

  •  Boys: Kindergarten - 8th Grade 

  •  Girls:  Kindergarten - 8th Grade 

No cuts - everyone runs equally!

Look at our Schedule Page for Practice Times and Meets

We look forward to seeing you there!  


The Track program melts the abilities of every child together.  Those that are more talented, compete with and help those that are more physically challenged.

Track does not keep the kids in levels that will not allow everyone to be treated equally.  Since Track compete on a grade level agenda, kids get to meet and run with other kids that they would not normally get a change to mix with.

CYO track is not about cutting kids from the team.  

We have had over 200 kids, boys and girls, running over the last 5 years of its existence.

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