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CYO eligibility rules are designed so that CYO teams are parish-based or Catholic school-based, not "club" or city teams.Children should not practice nor participate on a team until their eligibility is verified by the parish athletic director. Use of an ineligible player, knowingly or unknowingly, shall result in forfeiture of the games.


A student attending Catholic School shall play for the parish CYO program with that school with the following exceptions: 

  1. A player who resides in a parish that does not have a Catholic school may play for either his/her parish team or the team at his/her parish school; or

  2. A player who attends a school that does not have a CYO program may play for his/her parish of residence; or 

  3. A player is granted permission in writing by the principal of his Catholic School to play for another parish in which the player resides.


  1. Parish CYO programs may be open to children who meet one of the following criteria:

    1.  PARISH BOUNDARIES: All children (Catholic or non- Catholic) residing within the parish boundaries.

    2. CATHOLIC SCHOOL: All children (Catholic or non-Catholic) who attend the parish parochial school.

    3. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: All children (Catholic or non- Catholic) who do not live within the parish boundaries but are currently regularly attending the parish religious education classes and have done so the entire previous school year (or who attended that parish Catholic school the previous school year and are currently regularly attending the parish religious education classes.) Such children must present a letter annually signed by the religious education coordinator certifying regular attendance prior to the beginning of the season. Such children may be removed at any time by the Religious Education Coordinator of the parish for lack of attendance. Under this criteria, children may not play for a different parish than the previous season without permission of the parish athletic director from the previous season.

  2. Children may participate for a parish only if they meet the residence criteria above. Waivers may not be granted by a parish or a league because of the lack of a program in a parish. Only the Diocesan CYO Office shall determine criteria and may grant permission individually for participation of a Catholic child from a parish too small to host a CYO program.

  3.  The residence of a child is the residence of the parent(s) or guardian(s) with legal custody of the child and with whom the child resides.

  4. The parish Athletic Director shall provide substantial proof of residence on request of the league or the Diocesan CYO Office.

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