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While swimming is a fun sport, it does have inherent dangers both in and out of

the pool. To ensure the children have a positive and safe environment, horseplay

on the pool deck will NOT be tolerated at any time.


We ask that you review basic safety rules with your swimmer(s). These include:

  • No running on the pool deck

  • No pushing or shoving at anytime

  • No bullying or teasing

  • No entering the pool without a coach's instruction

  • Always listen to and follow the coach's directions


  1. Please be on time- practices, meets, etc.

  2. Each child must be able to finish 1 lap (25 yards) unassisted. It is a safety issue.

  3. Before each meet, an e-mail will be sent out with the deadline for you to inform us if your swimmer will not be able to make a meet.

  4. The deadline is usually a few days before the meet so that we have enough time to prepare the meet line-up. If you know in advance that your child will not be able to make a meet, please be sure to e-mail and let us know as early as possible. It is okay if you have to miss a meet or

  5. JUST TELL US so we can plan accordingly.

  6. Not informing us in advance causes chaos and confusion on the pool deck on the day of the meet. We do understand there will be last minute emergencies and

  7. Please email us as soon as possible.

  8. Each team member is required to purchase a St. Raymond's team swimsuit. You can wear last year's suit even though we are changing the style this year.

  9. Swimmers are not permitted to wear other team suits with logos (including caps) from other teams (CYO rule).

  10. Swimmers are not permitted to wear any jewelry including hair bands around the wrists. If they do they will be disqualified.

  11. In order to qualify to swim in the Championships, a child must have swam in at least 4 meets throughout the year (CYO rule).

  12. All swimmers are to remain on the pool deck with the team for the entire meet.

  13. We want to encourage cheering and emotional support for all swimmers and to finish the meet with a team cheer. If you cannot stay, please inform your coach.

  14. Swimmers should We frequently have changes in the line-up for many different reasons. If we cannot find a swimmer, cannot add them to the line-up and this limits our flexibility.

  15. Please arrive at each meet at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. As soon as you arrive at a meet, be sure to check in with your coach to: (i) let them know you are here, and; (ii) make sure you know which events you will be swimming. Remember, we will always have last minute changes.

  16. Do not bring any valuables to either meets or practices.

  17. We strongly recommend a parent or another designee be present with your child in locker rooms.

  18. Swimmers and Parents are not to address any official. If a swimmer or parent has a question on an official’s call you should speak directly with Jim Hunter.

  19. Parents should abide by the Fair Play Rules.




For the Swimmers and Coaches

  • Always play by the rules

  • Never argue with an official. When a call is disputed, I will let the coach handle it

  • Remember that I am swimming because I enjoy the sport. Winning is fun, but so are many other aspects of the sport

  • I should never berate my opponent by trash talking, taunting, or showboating

  • Work at achieving my personal best and not get discouraged if it is not the best

  • Show appreciation for good swimmers and good races, even by opponents

  • Control my temper and not show-off

  • Play fair at all times

For the Parents/Guardians and Spectators

  • Remember that young athletes should always play for their fun

  • Teach my young athlete that honest effort is just as important as winning

  • Provide plenty of encouragement to my young athlete because that's the best way to help him/her learn

  • Encourage all sportsmanlike behavior

  • Applaud the volunteer effort of coaches and officials

  • Remember that young athletes will only remember what we teach them. Fair play and good sportsmanship begin at home


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