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The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), through the vehicle of sports, provides youth with an opportunity to practice Christian attitudes and responsibilities and to become friends with other children throughout the diocese. CYO activities should be examples of the meaning of Christian sportsmanship. The guiding principle behind the enforcement of this code is that the behavior of everyone involved in CYO should not detract from the children's’ enjoyment of the sport.


St. Raymond's Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) is proud to offer our parish four great sports programs to take part in:



  • SWIM

  • VOLLEYBALL (Girls)

Our CYO programs encourage our young athletes to practice Christian attitudes and responsibilities through good sportsmanship. Principles of fair play and sportsmanship govern every game.  Our programs enable all of our parish youth to participate and improve.  They also offer a way for our adult parish members to participate through a volunteered effort towards the growth of our youth through faith, family and community.  

We welcome you the experience participation in our CYO sports, as an athlete or volunteer.


Every athletic competitor exercises every kind of self-discipline — they to win a perishable crown, but we an imperishable one.

(I Corinthians 9:15)


"Sport, because of the wholesome elements it gives value to and exalts, may become more and more a vital instrument for the moral and spiritual elevation of the human person and therefore contribute to the construction of an orderly, peaceful and hardworking society."

The Church approves and encourages sports seeing it in a form of gymnastics of the body and of the spirit, a training for social relations based on respect for others and for one's own person and an element of social cohesion which also fosters friendly relations... -- Pope John Paul II

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